At first, the marks appeared almost like bite marks. However, after careful observation, they discovered that these marks actually came from all the time she spent in a wire cage. All the years he spent in a wire cage resulted in injuries all over his fragile body.

“Throughout her life, her value has only been measured in one way, and that is her ability to produce puppies,” said a member of National Mill Dog Rescue.

Although Lily is in much better shape than before, she still has health issues. It is, therefore, possible that several of the puppies she has had shared the same conditions.

This means that a lily should never be bred in the first place, but unfortunately, puppy mills care more about the profits than the conditions of the puppies and dogs.

After all these difficult years, Lily is finally cleansed and released from an uncomfortable cage. During the rescue, his own area received a comfortable bed to lie on. Before this moment, Lily had never seen a bed before.

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