The youngster was playing with his teammates during the first rounds of the season.

But in this game, an official takes him out of the game before the game starts. The official explained that it was twice the size of his competitors and the size difference was against established policies set out in Rugby Codes Australia as reported here on

Australian rugby’s height-for-age policy states that players under 15 must be assessed on their height and weight and may not play if their height exceeds the established guidelines. If players exceed their maximum age group, they can be moved up to a maximum of two ranks higher.

In the category in which Leonidas plays, the maximum height is 164 cm and the weight is 64 kg.

The NSW Rugby Union issued a statement backing the official’s decision to remove the boy from play, saying it was essential everyone enjoyed playing it safe.

No actual measurements of the boy’s height or weight were taken during the game. The decision was made solely on the basis of a visual assessment of the young man.

His mum took to Facebook and revealed the boy had been acquitted by the union over his height and placed in the Under-12 league. She posted a video of her son crying after being removed from the game.

Ayla, the boy’s mother, is from Christchurch, New Zealand. She mentioned that an official approached her and told her the “big kid” couldn’t play anymore. This was prompted by a complaint from the opposing team, although he was cleared to play on this occasion.

She pointed out that the organization accepted the boy and only took his money to send him off in an important match. Mismanagement was to allow the boy to prepare and go out on the field before deciding on his size.

Leonidas attempted to enter the pitch again after being sidelined for the match that day. The official will not start the game until the boy leaves the field. In a show of support, his teammates walked off the pitch with him and lost the game in a display of bad manners towards the match officials.

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