The song opens with the soothing melodies of the orchestra, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The gentle piano adds to the allure, eliciting the first set of goosebumps for the listeners.

As the choir and McKenna join in with their exceptional vocals, the song reaches new heights of perfection. McKenna’s angelic voice blends harmoniously with the captivating vocals of the Cinematic Pop Choir, resulting in a hauntingly beautiful sound that resonates deeply with even the most stoic listeners.

McKenna’s talent transcends her years on this earth, and when combined with the renowned choir’s artistry, it produces an indescribably exquisite performance that touches the soul.

Adding to the uniqueness of the rendition, the group includes the last verse of the song that is often omitted in other versions. To experience this incredible performance firsthand, watch the video below and be captivated by the magic of their collaboration

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