However, this footage isn’t focused on their evening meal; it captures a moment of leisure. Clearly seeking relief from a day of relentless pursuit of nectar, the hummingbirds gather around a birdbath that appears to be a familiar spot for them.

The photographer managed to seize a remarkable scene: a flock of 30 hummingbirds frolicking and splashing in the birdbath, exuding the same excitement and mischief as a group of children at a pool on the first day of summer.

Encountering a single hummingbird, let alone a pair, is already an exhilarating event due to their rapid movements and selective feeding habits. Witnessing such a sizable group all at once is truly a miraculous sight, infusing one with the essence of summertime.

One can’t help but ponder whether they’re genuinely enjoying themselves as much as it seems, and whether they’re content to have returned to their familiar abode after their winter sojourn down south

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