Cheryl, a mother of seven, recently made headlines when she opened up about her relationship with her husband Quran, who is 22 years her junior. This is not Cheryl’s first relationship with a significant age gap, as she had a previous boyfriend who was also much younger than her. Cheryl and her ex-boyfriend, who she remains friends with, originally met through work when her daughter was his manager at Dairy Queen. While they did not start dating at that time, they eventually reconnected and fell in love.

During a recent interview on “This Morning” in March 2023, Cheryl and Quran talked about the possibility of having a child together. Despite receiving backlash from people who believe her age would make it difficult for her to take care of a baby, Cheryl insists that age is not a problem for her. She has more energy than many younger parents and is confident that she would be able to take care of a child.

Cheryl and Quran have explored several options for having a child together, including surrogacy and adoption. They have already worked with three surrogates and are currently looking for another one. Despite the criticism they have received from others, Cheryl and Quran are determined to start a family and are committed to each other.

Although their relationship has faced some challenges, Cheryl and Quran are very happy together and have a strong bond. They have shared their love for each other online and are optimistic about their future together. They understand that not everyone will support their decisions, but they are determined to live their lives on their own terms and create a happy and healthy family together.

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