I tell you she wasn’t expecting me. She was expecting someone more vulnerable, and they picked the wrong person when they picked Doreen,” she recalled.

Doreen said the young woman patted her shoulder and poked her mouth, apparently begging for food, and tried to hand her a piece of paper. Doreen attempted to convince the young woman, whom the police believed to be pregnant at the time, to leave her alone, but instead attacked the elderly woman and attempted to snatch her bank card from the machine. However, Doreen wasn’t going to let the thief steal her.

“I was like, ‘No, you don’t have my money,’ she said, ‘I worked hard for this.'”

Seizing her card, Doreen quickly manages to overpower the young woman.

“I put her hair and collar on her and started screaming,” Doreen said. “I don’t know why she was screaming. I should have screamed.”

The thief ran off without Doreen’s things. Meanwhile, the old lady collapsed and an ambulance was called for her. Since the accident in May, Doreen has had heart attacks and becomes anxious every time she goes to the streets. His thief was not caught.

“They just think about what they’re going to get. They don’t think about what the person will do next,” she said.

Watch Doreen fight the young woman off in the video below.

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