Angie Taima, 89, has lived in her Hudson home for 35 years. Things took a different turn and the old woman was fired without warning.

Without a roof over her head, Angie is forced to take refuge in a hotel before discovering her next move. Angie was not known, her neighbors were planning a surprise.

When Angie acquired the house, she didn’t want to bother with the payments that came with owning a house. Angie found a home buyer. Angie rented the house and paid the buyer a monthly lump sum.

The landlord stopped using Angie’s money to pay the mortgage and the bank had to evict her. Inge was loved by the people and her neighbors appreciated the role she played in the neighborhood.

A neighbor knew about Angie’s eviction and she found a way to help the old woman. Angie will receive her surprise on her birthday, three weeks after the eviction

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