Maisie Greene, 89, has always loved to knit and loves dogs. She decides to put her passions together and start knitting coats and blankets for needy shelter dogs. She donates these items to the Dogs Trust, a resettlement center in Basildon, England.

The loving, honest woman has made over 450 coats and blankets so far, and she isn’t about to give up anytime soon. She loves you while watching TV, and this hobby definitely occupies her. A coat takes about a day and a blanket takes about three days.

Maisie is happy to help the furry residents of the Dogs Trust. Shelters can be intimidating places for dogs, and they can find solace in a few little things like these coats and blankets. They help dogs feel at home while waiting for their family forever.

The Dogs Trust Facebook page states: “Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog care charity. Through its network of 20 resettlement centers across the UK (and now one in Ireland), the charity cares for more than 16,000 stray, unwanted and abandoned dogs. Every year The Dogs Trust has a no-damage policy and you will never put a healthy dog ​​to sleep.

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