Since they were only twenty years old at the time, they decided to gain more life experience before rushing into marriage. After two years together, the time seemed right.

They wanted to formalize their relationship. Quinn worked hard to buy a modest set of zirconia and sterling silver. Ariel didn’t care at all. According to her, the most important thing was to marry her close friend. She loves her rings because of what they symbolize.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so supportive. While Ariel and Quinn were shopping for rings at Pandora, a saleswoman made a sordid remark. She described the men buying this set as engagement rings as pathetic, clearly unaware that’s exactly what the couple in front of her were doing.

The statement hit Ariel’s fiancé (now her husband) hard. It made him feel like a failure. He started worrying that Ariel didn’t want to get married because he couldn’t give her flashy things.

And soon things work out. Ariel told the saleswoman that the size of the ring didn’t matter. What matters is the love between two people. They bought the rings and left the store behind.

Soon, Ariel and Quinn escape. When Ariel posted about her experience, it quickly went viral. Bandura herself responded that the couple’s experience with the saleswoman was unfortunate and did not reflect the company’s values.

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