Sometimes gestures and small acts of charity can motivate us faster than a rocket. These sweet and surprising things are enough to liven up our day and spread positive energy. This loving corgi does the same thing. The cute boy gives a big hug to every dog he meets as he walks. Scroll down to find out more!

The loving dog in the story is Wallace. He knows how to make things better – with a big hug. He is going right away.

Image Credits: iamwallacethecorgi

When Wallace walks alongside owner Noah Ramenick, he will stop whenever he spots another puppy. The loving boy is really excited to be playing with new canine friends and would never let them go without giving them a big hug, literally. It also heals his friends and the humans around him.

Image Credits: iamwallacethecorgi

Wallace also deserves to be called the good boy. He plays with new friends, especially young ones, with kindness. It does not frighten them.

Wallace is also a well-mannered dog. He won’t enter the hug until he feels if the other dog is okay with it first.

Image Credits: iamwallacethecorgi

“He’s the greatest lover,” Wallace’s brother Ramenick told The Dodo.

Wallace kisses all the dogs I meet, even those older than him. Oddly enough, a low-bodied puppy shows no fear to these chubby men. Instead, Wallace stands on his hind legs to give them a hug in the best possible way.

Image Credits: iamwallacethecorg

Wallace has a best friend, a great Dane, named Daisy. He does not find it difficult to hug his friend. “They always kiss when they see each other,” Ramnik said.

If you are looking for stories about warm dogs, check them out. Love and care can make this world a better place.

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