After parking his car, George entered the bank to hand back the money. Placing the funds on the bank’s counter, he inquired, “Is there a reward for $40,000?” The employees appeared astonished, as reported by WDIV. Expressing their gratitude, the staff swiftly returned the container to its place behind the counter.

Subsequently, the bank discovered that despite the $40,000 label, the container actually contained only $27,000. According to CNN, security footage revealed that approximately 20 minutes before George arrived at the ATM, an employee of an armored car company mistakenly left the container in the drive-thru lane while emptying the ATM.

George received acclaim as a good Samaritan for returning the money. Alicia Stewart, the manager of Westland Federal Credit Union, emphasized that the bank would have suffered a significant loss without the returned $27,000. In recognition of his honesty, Alicia presented George with an undisclosed amount of money.

In response, George humbly stated that anyone else would have done the same in his position. When asked if he had considered keeping the money, George asserted that it wasn’t his, and the thought of taking it never crossed his mind, as concluded by WDIV

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