In a heartfelt TikTok post, Elizabeth shared a poignant moment when her grandfather reached out to her in tears one April night in 2022, followed by a touching text message.

“Hi Megan, it’s grandpa. Would you like to come over and have a sleepover? I haven’t been feeling well and miss you. We can order food and watch a mystery show. Love, grandpa.”

Touched by his words, Elizabeth replied with a heartfelt “yes” and asked if he needed anything from the store. He then requested applesauce and mashed potatoes, joking, “I have no teeth and can only eat soft things. Ha. Love you.” He affectionately referred to her as “his favorite granddaughter” and also expressed a desire for ice cream.

The video captures their meal in front of the TV, and before bedtime, her grandfather ensured she had water and even prepared her room, just as he used to when she was a child. He arranged her bed and placed her grandma’s favorite doll as a sweet touch. To comfort her, he left a flashlight “in case she got scared.”

The following morning, Elizabeth had to leave early for work, but her grandfather was awake to bid her farewell from the driveway.

In a separate post, Elizabeth reflected on the valuable lesson she learned from her grandfather about living in the moment. She emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with positive people to ensure a happy and fulfilling life, just as her grandfather had done throughout his 92 years.

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