Truly, the kindness Judy bestowed upon her students is now reciprocated, as evidenced by the affectionate embrace she receives. Judy’s unwavering commitment to her role manifested in her tireless efforts, often instructing her pupils during lunch breaks and beyond regular school hours.

Mrs. Kirby not only nurtured cheerful melodies within her students’ voices but also imparted knowledge of instruments like the recorder, leading to the coordination of 35 musicals, numerous Christmas concerts, and diverse shows. Her unwavering support guided her students onto the grand stage, leaving no stone unturned.

The Radiance in Her Expression

In glimpses from the viral video, Judy’s joyous spirit shines through. Radiant smiles adorn her face in snapshots with friends, family, and during her performances. Her dear friend, Terry DeBruin, lovingly portrays her as “a compassionate and exceptionally devoted individual,” emphasizing her unique qualities.

During her final weeks, an outpouring of affection enveloped her, as former students from her elementary school days serenaded her with the very songs she had once taught them. It was a poignant tribute, a heartfelt gesture in return for the precious gift she had bestowed upon them. As the adage goes, when words fall short, music fills the void. Rev Daryce aptly concludes, “There’s no one more deserving than her.”

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