While Perrett resided in the nursing home, Sayner made a point to check on him regularly. “I used to stop by at least once a week on my way home from work. I understand how it is for people in those places. You don’t get many visitors, and it’s not much fun,” shared Sayner.

Unexpectedly, one day, Sayner received a call from Perrett. “Then one day he just rang me and said, ‘My solicitor’s here, can you please give me your full name because I’m leaving you your unit,'” she recounted.

Unfortunately, during Perrett’s last three months in the nursing home, Sayner couldn’t visit him. “For the last two or three months, I couldn’t even go and visit him in the nursing home. I wasn’t allowed in. That was the worst,” she expressed.

Despite this, when Perrett passed away, Sayner was one of the ten individuals permitted to attend the ceremony. Another tenant received a unit from Perrett, and his trusted handyman received financial support.

Sayner had worked at Costa for nearly 25 years until she chose to retire at the age of 74. Although the Australian fruits and vegetable company allowed her to stay for as long as she wished, she had to retire due to physical limitations.

Given the incredible opportunity to not worry about her living space and with a pension to sustain her daily life, Sayner remarked, “What more could you want?”

Sayner deserved the generosity she received from Perrett, not only for caring for her longtime residence but also for her unwavering dedication to Perrett until his final days. A well-deserved reward for her loyalty

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