On the web, we found a video clip shared by Jamie Forbes, 33, on his Youtube channel. She told her future husband, Charlie Forbes, 35, that she had been two months pregnant.

Jamie announced good news to her future husband on their wedding day, in front of his family and many friends.

Secret Mother, Youtube

First, bride Jamie prepared a heart-wrenching wedding speech for her new life mate, promised her everlasting loyalty and happiness, and then surprised her with even bigger news.

“This is the most precious gift I will give you and I hope it will make you as happy as you made me,” Jamie said after finishing the speech, then gave her a special gift. future husband Charlie.

There was a photograph of the ultrasound inside the box, from where it was obvious that they were expecting a baby. Charlie shouted with joy, and there was no shortage of joy and happiness, even among family and other wedding guests.

Take a look at the groom’s reaction to the wedding when his bride told him they were expecting their first child …

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