This Russian orchestra, with its rich and distinctive blend of culturally significant instruments, showcased its unique strength. Setting it apart from today’s Western orchestras, which predominantly feature a variety of woodwind and brass instruments, this Russian ensemble demonstrated its competitive edge.

Anastasia, in harmony with the orchestra, rehearsed diligently for their rendition of “Valenki,” seamlessly melding harmonious rhythms. The performance maintained a graceful flow, with exceptional Russian string instruments and woodwinds. As the orchestra assumed control following Anastasia’s opening, a solo oboist emerged, intertwining melodies with strings and a percussionist, complementing the 7-year-old’s tunes.

Then, it was Anastasia’s moment to shine, and she did so with unwavering confidence. As the orchestra gradually quieted their instruments, Anastasia embarked on a brief solo. She began by plucking bold tones that swiftly transitioned into rapid, skillful runs, all executed with her tiny, 7-year-old hands.

If you were to remove the video and consider the musical performance alone, you might mistake it for the work of a seasoned virtuoso. Anastasia’s nimble fingers expertly plucked the strings of her instrument, a remarkable feat for someone so young. Her evident enthusiasm and engagement were palpable as she contributed to the performance. Her facial expressions conveyed her genuine enjoyment

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