The shiny black cat can be seen jumping on a chair placed near the neighbour’s front door. Once that first task is accomplished, he looks around to think about his surroundings. Looking around the next window, the cat sees something new and exciting. The motion-sensing security camera is proudly displayed. This cat seems to be giving the area around the camera a bit of a lick! Maybe he defines his territory.

Cats are known to be curious. We all know the old adage “curiosity kills the cat,” which often means that cats, due to their curious nature, end up in trouble. This cat, however, didn’t want to mess around, he just wanted to make friends! This inquisitive cat chose a good time to make his visits.

Cats are nocturnal creatures by nature, which means that they are more active at night than during the day. says, “In the wild, cats are most active at dawn and dusk, which are the best times to hunt birds and rodents, respectively. To maintain the energy needed to successfully chase and pounce, the average cat sleeps about 18 hours per day with several naps.”

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