In February 2020, Prince Harry teamed up with rock legend Jon Bon Jovi to record a charity single in support of the Invictus Games Foundation. The song, “Unbroken,” was originally written by Bon Jovi as a tribute to military veterans and their families.

Taking to the Sussex Royal Instagram page, Prince Harry shared a video that showed him behind the mic alongside Jon Bon Jovi at the Abbey Road Studios in London. The video was captioned “I’ll give it a shot…” and featured Bon Jovi giving the Duke some last-minute advice before he took the mic. “Pretend you’re singing in your bedroom,” Bon Jovi said. “That’s easy.”

Prior to recording the re-vamped single, the two took the time to chat about the stories of the members of the Invictus choir. Bon Jovi described their stories as “touching.” The Prince and singer additionally took the time to take in the legendary music studio, which is described as a “mecca” for many Beatles fans.

In preparation for that day, the Invictus Games foundation posted photos on Twitter featuring Harry alongside Bon Jovi and the Invictus Choir as they got ready to sing “Unbroken.” “We’re so excited for today! The @invictusgchoir and @jonbonjovi were rehearsing & recording all day y’day at @abbeyroad studios to re-record Unbroken,” the foundation tweeted. “Later today, our Patron will join to hear their stories & thank Jon for his support for the #InvictusGames Foundation!”

A music video for the song was released on Mar. 27, 2020, featuring Harry, Bon Jovi and plenty of servicemen and women adorning Invictus Games gear. The video has gone on to be seen more than 700,000 times and also garnered more than 20,000 likes.

It’s clear that the song touched the hearts of many, as several people left hopeful comments. The Invictus Games Foundation even commented, saying: “We’re so grateful to the incredible support for international wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women! Thanks Jon Bon Jovi, and the Invictus Games Choir for the brilliant #Unbroken. Inspirational stuff!”

The Invictus Games Foundation was founded by Prince Harry in 2014 and aims to use sport as a way to help wounded veterans recover from their injuries and illnesses. The foundation has since held three international events, with plans for future events in the works.

Overall, the collaboration between Prince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi to support the Invictus Games Foundation shows the power of music to bring people together for a good cause. The song “Unbroken” is a testament to the resilience and strength of military veterans, and its message of hope and perseverance has resonated with many around the world.

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