The myth narrates the enchanting story of Santa, residing with his spouse and a bustling team of elves at the North Pole, where they diligently craft toys throughout the year. Come Christmas Eve, Santa embarks on his magical sleigh, aided by a team of reindeer, to deliver presents worldwide, leaving joyful surprises under countless Christmas trees on Christmas morning.

In the Nordic expanse of Finland, encountering a trail of reindeer obstructing traffic is a common occurrence, especially in Lapland, where these magnificent creatures freely roam. Moose, too, amble along the roads, presenting a different challenge as they swiftly dash across, often escaping notice until it’s too late.

Tragically, collisions with these formidable animals are often abrupt, leaving little time for any preventative action. Fully grown reindeer, weighing around 276 pounds, can cause extensive damage to a vehicle’s exterior, but passengers are often spared from harm. In contrast, the sheer mass of an elk, tipping the scales at a staggering 1322 pounds and standing up to two meters tall, poses a far more menacing threat.

The long-legged elk, when struck by a vehicle, can prove fatal to the occupants due to its weight and height. Given the typically lower build of most cars, a high-speed collision may shatter the moose’s legs, propelling its weight into the car’s cabin, endangering those within

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