Zoey was just like any other child, full of energy and always active. She grew up in a happy and loving family, and her parents cherished her affectionate and joyful nature. But one day, while playing, Zoey tripped and lost control of both her hands a few weeks later. Her family noticed something was wrong, and they rushed her to the hospital.

It was there that they received the devastating news that Zoey had a rare and severe brain tumor called DIPG. Her mother, Casey, recounted how they were told that it was essentially a death sentence, and they didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

Over the next two years, Zoey underwent numerous cancer treatments, including radiation therapy in Germany, where she initially responded well. However, eventually, Zoey stopped responding, and her condition deteriorated rapidly.

On July 4, 2018, Zoey passed away peacefully in her American home. Her parents were devastated, but they tried to remain strong and resilient for Zoey’s sake.

In her final moments, Zoey continued to spread joy, and her parents asked all their relatives and friends to come and spend time with her before it was too late. They sang Disney songs, watched a Harry Potter movie, and enjoyed their time together.

After Zoey’s passing, her mother Casey bravely decided to share their last moment together on Facebook. She wanted to show the world how beautiful that moment was, despite the pain they were all feeling. The picture shows Zoey’s parents with their arms around their precious daughter, sitting on the couch with the family dog.

Zoey’s parents are determined to keep her memory alive and continue spreading love and light to the world. They believe that Zoey gave them so much of it, and it’s their turn to give back. Zoey’s story is a reminder to cherish every moment with our loved ones and to spread joy and kindness wherever we go.

The photo captures a poignant moment in the family’s living room. Zoey’s parents are embracing their precious daughter while sitting on the couch with their furry friend. The family spent the day singing Disney songs and watching Harry Potter, enjoying the peace and serenity. Suddenly, amidst the tranquility, Zoey passed away.

Even though the family is devastated by Zoey’s death, her mother decided to share the moment on Facebook. She saw other families sharing similar moments and realized she wanted a photo like that to remember the beautiful memories forever.

Now, through Zoey’s Light Facebook page, the family hopes to spread hope and love to others, inspired by the way Zoey lived her life. They want to encourage people to help each other, appreciate the little things in life, and love wholeheartedly, one day at a time. Zoey’s light will continue to shine bright, spreading love and joy to the world.

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