Ten-year-old Grayland Dowland walks home from basketball practice every week, a brief journey just two houses away. However, even this short walk became perilous when a potential child abductor targeted him. While strolling along the sidewalk, Grayland encountered two men in a white car who attempted to lure him with candy and entice him into their vehicle. Dowland firmly declined their offer and continued on his way.

According to Grayland, the men persisted, tailing him in their car and persistently trying to convince him to join them. Fearing for his safety, Grayland decided to sprint to his home, vigilantly watching for any sign that the men might exit their vehicle to apprehend him. Upon reaching his front door, he discovered it was locked, and no one was immediately available to let him in.

As the men began reversing to follow him back to his house, Grayland quickly grabbed the first available object to defend himself – a handful of rocks. He then rushed to a neighbor’s house, where the door happened to be open. Grayland let himself in and secured the door behind him. The men in the car could be observed backing up into the driveway across the street, waiting to see if the boy would reappear before eventually driving away

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