This little guy was on his way to Hayden Meadows Elementary School in Hayden, Idaho and it wasn’t easy. He was crying cold and late.

The temperatures were below freezing. I’m late for school. His older brother walked forward and left him struggling to catch up. As he ran to school, tears were welling up in his eyes, as he shivered and grabbed his hat in his hand.

The school resource officer, Doug Goodman, saw this young man struggling. It was the deputy who supervised the students of Hayden Meadows.

“I noticed he was quite disheveled,” Goodman told KREM TV. “He had his hat in one hand, and he was clearly in a hurry.”

The officer rushed over to the kid’s side to straighten things out. Goodman’s deputy, from the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office, is responsible for the mother’s online engagement that has received global attention.
A few days ago, Deputy Goodman took time to help this first grader who was late for school.

Representative Goodman went out of his way to help a boy who was late for school. He had noticed that the boy was rushing to school looking disheveled. His hat was in his hand, not on his head.

The officer jumped out of his car to help the child. At first, he had to warm him up, so he pulled his jacket and put the cap on the baby’s head. It was only natural for him to do what he does for his children.

As soon as he warmed the child a little, he accompanied him to school.

Now, it’d be just another day on the job for Vice Goodman if Mom wasn’t watching him from afar. His heart melted at the act of this officer on a very cold and bitter morning.

She posted the story and thanked Goodman’s deputy on social media. I thanked him for being there for all the kids.

The supervising member was very encouraged and moved by this mother’s words. He was also grateful and full of what I thought of him. Goodman takes pride in doing his job well.

“I consider these children like my own,” he says. “I keep them safe. Help them with whatever they need.”
The new vice student helped Goodman give his stamp of approval. “It’s actually pretty cool.”

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