There is no better feeling than going on vacation. A little vacation to relax and get away from it all can be a well-deserved treat. Especially when someone else is cleaning and cooking for you. Hotel breakfasts are usually pretty casual, but have you ever had a hotel breakfast while joining humpback whales?

Some very lucky guests staying at the Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy, BC in Kanda have witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime breakfast show.

Inn guests were impressed when they sat on the lakeside terrace for their morning meal. Still wearing their capes and feeling relaxed, the guests notice that the water next to them begins to boil.

But what were the whales doing in the Gulf? An amateur specialist (whale studies) on Reddit explains that humpback whales actually use a feeding strategy.

“They chased a group of fish into this cove. They made it soft and focused, then blew bubbles around the school, like a makeshift net. Several humpback whales then dived to the bottom and swam suddenly surfacing with their mouths open, eating huge amounts of fish This is a typical hunting technique used by humpback whales.”

This seems logical to us. Either way, the guests were stunned by these majestic giants swimming past them. At one point, two guests were partying with five guests to each other because they couldn’t believe what they were witnessing.

To be honest, I don’t blame them, it’s a pretty amazing sight. Watch the amazing scene in the video below:

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