One thing’s for sure: the restaurant isn’t going to throw out a teenager in a white T-shirt and long skirt, is it?

That’s what comes to everyone’s mind when they find out about this story here. When Charisha got pregnant with Raylee Gobin, it was obvious that she had to adopt a special style of dress. In fact, she was carrying twins, which meant her belly was unusually large. But that’s what happened to her the day she walked into the restaurant, which shocked people.

One day, she, her sister and her mother walked into this charming steakhouse in Marysville, Washington. She wore a short blouse and a long white skirt. There was no neckline at the top of her crop, except that it let out her stomach. But her dress seemed to annoy one of the waitresses at the steakhouse, so I walked over to Carissa and told her, to her face, that what she was wearing was against restaurant rules and that she had to go out. What?!

The restaurant had a policy of refusing to serve customers topless or barefoot, so Karissa was confused and angry. She was wearing shoes and a shirt.

Charisha took to Facebook and shared her heartbreaking experience, “Just because my stomach was bigger and more prominent,” she said. “But if it was someone else, I don’t think there was a problem at all. I was angry. There was no way I would have stayed there.”

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