No cure has been found for this disease, and since it is a disease that gets worse over time, patients tend to get worse over time. It is very sad for a family to know that they are slowly losing a loved one by watching them. One of the motivating things is that these patients reach a point where they remember.

In the clip below, we meet Simon Dermot, 40, with his father named Ted. Simon Dermott is a firm believer that his father remembers when the right song is played. Basically, Ted has been an artist for a long time.

This means that music is such a part of his life that even patients with Alzheimer’s disease cannot fail to remember it. When you watch the clip, you will see the two songs “Quando, Quando, Quando”. Simon has this feeling that his dad is back and that he is happy to be with him!

Hear Ted sing his heart out for a worthy cause here. This video gives us hope that our loved ones are still there, even in the darkest days.

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