When someone has had a positive experience, they often turn to social media to share it. Sharing these positive experiences has the power to change someone’s mood.

These good stories can also inspire others to take positive action on behalf of others.

A pregnant waitress works at a restaurant to save money for her baby’s expenses. Working as a food server is not the easiest job to do.

Food servers work for hours at a time. They receive a small salary. Some customers may tip them. They also have to deal with angry customers who do not treat others politely. This woman had an interesting experience during one of her seizures and decided to share it with her father.

When the woman saw what had happened, she sent her father a photo of the receipt. Her father was so impressed that he decided to write about her and share the story on social media. From there, this story took off and got a lot of positive attention.

While most news seems like bad news, these “feel good” stories may be just what people need.

The food servers work very hard. They are up all day. The police also work hard. They got a lot of flash. Bad behavior by a police officer often spoils the public’s view of all police officers.

The woman’s father wanted to share this story to show a side of police officers that the public often can’t see.

As a regular customer at Lamp Post Diner in Clementon, New Jersey, the cop is known for his calm and polite demeanor. The restaurant manager knows him well and describes him as a gentleman who orders a simple meal, eats it quietly, pays his bill, and goes on his way.

One day the officer asked for authority. He heard the waitress telling the customers at the next table that she was seven months pregnant with her first child. When the policeman received his bill, he wrote a note on it to the waitress.

The note told her to enjoy motherhood and that she would never forget her first child and the experience of becoming a mother. He left a $100 tip on the $8.75 bill.

This kind of act of kindness is something a mother will likely remember for the rest of her life. It is also the type of action that inspires others to push it forward or do something similar. When someone reads about this generosity, it feels good.

It can even motivate them to generate their kind work in society. This maid will likely remember the policeman’s gentle demeanor for the rest of her life.

“What a wonderful person to leave not only a very generous tip, but a beautiful message too, I don’t know you Mr Constable, but you made my little girl cry and made her the year,” Cadigan said on his Facebook page. Publish.

Food servers and others in the service industry are often disciplined for menial work. At best, most people tend to ignore them.

The police officer recognized this woman’s hard work and showed her humanity in the care work. By leaving the personal note on her receipt, the policeman showed the servant that he had seen her and acknowledged her efforts.

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