As reported by NBC Philadelphia, the Doughten family has lived in their Ocean City, NJ residence for decades. In their 60s, both have recently suffered from poor health. Bill has a leg problem, for example, that makes him unable to load and unload things from his car when it’s parked far in their driveway.

So the couple decided to shorten the walk to their door by parking a Chevy sedan on the lawn.

The message read: “You have a driveway.”

The decision to personal parking on their personal property appears to have angered a local realtor. The anonymous realtor decides to leave an unsigned note to the Doughten family. The elderly couple was surprised by the content, but their granddaughter Teresa was completely furious. She and other members of her family took to Facebook to share the message and their enthusiastic opinions about it.

The anonymous broker began the memo explaining how he sells multi-million dollar homes and customers don’t want to see a car parked sideways in the grass. Then the note states that the couple has a lane and demands its use.

Mr. Dugten told NBC 10: “It’s like a sneak attack. No name. They haven’t mentioned who they are.”

Unless such a decree is issued by the Homeowners Association, the Doughten family has every right to park their cars how, when and where they want it, whether it’s a million dollar neighborhood or not. But, ironically, Barbara told NBC 10; She is not aware of any million dollar properties in the area.

Fortunately, the Doughten family decided to ditch the unsolicited, rude, and intrusive real estate agent’s advice and continue their parking habits as they saw fit.

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