Bethany was walking her dog, Snape, one day when they noticed an adoption event was going on. And at that adoption event, there was a dog that looked like Snape! His dog seemed to notice him as he walked directly towards the Beast with genuine interest and attraction.


Bethany and her boyfriend were considering adding another dog to the family, but they weren’t actively looking. But Snape wasn’t going to let my mom give up on this “twin”!


“What made me want to Save the Beast over other dogs is that he looks like Snape. They are both a Cairn Terrier mix, Snape’s mother was a Lab / Pit mix and her dad was a Cairn and with Beast we’re not sure there was just a Cairn mix, ”Bethany told Bored Panda.


The beast tried to assert dominance early on, but after about a month things calmed down. Now the two are enjoying their Hawaiian lifestyle playing on the beach and doing whatever they can together.


Fate Rogue and Beast reunited, and this family wouldn’t want it any other way.

h/t I Love My Dog So Much

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