Weimaraners have always displayed attention-seeking tendencies, often likened to “perpetual two-year-olds” by The Weimaraner Club of America. The core trait that defines these dogs is their strong affinity for people. They relish human companionship to the extent that they’ll shadow you throughout your home, always curious and eager to be part of your activities.

Gus, a Weimaraner, embodies this need for attention. He initiates his quest by standing on his hind legs, fixating his gaze on his owner. Gus’s owner remains unmoved, feigning indifference.

Recognizing that his stare isn’t achieving the desired outcome, Gus escalates his efforts by placing a paw on his owner’s shoulder. This garners a bit of eye contact from his owner but nothing more. Yet, Gus isn’t satisfied—he craves undivided attention!

Opting for a more subtle approach, Gus decides to act nonchalant, pretending not to watch his owner but remaining right by his side. His owner persists in ignoring him until eventually turning to gaze at Gus. Gus’s pretense is short-lived, and he emits a few plaintive yelps when he realizes he’s still being overlooked.

In the end, Gus’s persistence pays off, and he secures the attention he had been eagerly awaiting. According to DogHeirs, Gus’s family is well-acquainted with this behavior, as they explain, “When Weimaraners seek attention, they are adamant about it!”

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