“In moments of waiting and searching, during times of healing and hurting, like a hidden blessing within shattered fragments, every second, every instance, from the past to the future, even when unseen or unknown, there was Jesus,” the song’s lyrics express.

The message carried by the lyrics of ‘There Was Jesus’ has deeply touched the followers of the contemporary Christian artist worldwide. Having broken free from a destructive lifestyle, he now cherishes what he has and employs his musical platform to inspire others while giving glory to the Lord.

The lyrics of ‘There Was Jesus’ narrate his personal journey and the transformation from a perilous lifestyle he had been entangled in for years to his decision to embrace Jesus. During the song’s composition, he envisioned Dolly Parton’s distinctive vocals as a perfect complement to the track.

Coincidentally, Dolly Parton listened to the song a few weeks later and was immediately captivated by it, deciding to contribute her legendary voice to ‘There Was Jesus.’ The official music video has touched the hearts of fans of both artists, providing solace and inspiration during challenging times. Through this collaboration, they’ve managed to offer a profound song that spreads a message of love and faith.

“For a man in need of extraordinary grace, for forgiveness beyond any price I could afford, acknowledging my imperfections, I thank God every day—there was Jesus.”

Praise and worship music has evolved significantly, transcending traditional church boundaries and gaining popularity even in mainstream music. Zach Williams, an artist who has bridged genres and touched countless hearts, had already made an impact before joining forces with the legendary Dolly Parton on ‘There Was Jesus.’ Music can uplift, inspire, and play a vital role in the lives of many. Zach Williams’ journey serves as a testament that one does not need to be flawless to experience the perfect love of God.

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