Provencher mentioned that she made every effort to offer them exceptional service. When Wahlberg and his group departed, she received a well-deserved reward.

“He folded up the receipt and gave it to me, telling me not to open it until he left. I said, ‘okay, thank you, guys, come again. I’ll take care of you again.’ Then I opened it, and I almost fell to the floor,” she recounted.

Upon Wahlberg’s departure, she opened the receipt and was astonished to find a tip 25 times the amount they spent on their breakfast.

Their breakfast totaled only $78.45, but Wahlberg and his wife left an extraordinary tip of $2,020.

“I just started crying. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, who does that? It was a blessing,” she expressed. “I just moved into an apartment; I’m a single mother — by myself with my son. So I struggle every day to make ends meet. And now I can buy furniture and put some money in the bank, and make sure my son is good.”

Wahlberg’s wife, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, took to Twitter to share her husband’s act of kindness, posting their credit card receipt along with a handwritten message from Wahlberg thanking their waitress for her service.

“@donniewahlberg starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is,” McCarthy-Wahlberg wrote in her tweet. Wahlberg also greeted Provencher on the receipt, with “Happy New Year,” along with a message that said “2020 Tip Challenge.”

This wasn’t the first time Wahlberg paid it forward. In 2017, he surprised Waffle House night shift employees with a $2,000 tip, front-row tickets, and backstage passes to his band’s tour.

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