However, the viral video offers a delightful twist to the usual military cadence. Instead of the customary commands, the troop leader playfully instructs the soldiers to “snap both sides.”

With unwavering coordination, the soldiers lean left and right, exuberantly exclaiming “whoop!” with each move. Their synchronized actions, brimming with enthusiasm, are a captivating sight.

The leader’s subsequent directives, “freeze to the left… freeze to the right…,” are executed flawlessly by the soldiers. They even incorporate a move reminiscent of Neo, Keanu Reeves’ iconic character from “The Matrix.”

This refreshing routine, infused with humor and camaraderie, provides a much-needed break from their grueling training regimen. The video’s appeal is undeniable, amassing nearly 740,000 views on YouTube in a short time.

Such a display of soldiers letting loose and enjoying lighthearted moments is a rare occurrence. The audience’s reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. One viewer commented, “I haven’t served, but I come from a military family. I think that was funny! Live a little when you can.” Another heartfelt comment read, “God Bless these men. Thank you for your service to our country 🇺🇸. And those were some good moves!👏”

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