With over 1.2 million likes, the video’s caption read, “Had to take action.” However, some speculate that this might have been a humorous setup. A contingent of commenters believes that the man may actually know the other passenger involved. Unfortunately, the Walker twins, who own the account, did not respond to Insider’s request for clarification.

The video posed the question, “What would you do in this situation?” One individual shared a personal anecdote in response, recounting, “My daughter experienced something similar, but the foot was right next to her face. I stood up and firmly told them to move it!”

The TikTok video has generated nearly 23,000 comments, with users expressing their indignation at the audacity of the other passenger. Many commended the man for taking a stand against such behavior. One user remarked, “Absolutely right, I’m exhausted by people’s disregard for others.” It’s possible that the limited personal space on flights contributes to such disruptive conduct.

It appears that there has been an increase in bizarre incidents on planes as the country reopens. In another TikTok video posted by Janelle Elise Flom, a passenger retaliated by sticking gum and candy in the hair of an individual who repeatedly let their long locks obstruct the screen of the person behind them. Flom’s video posed the question, “Whose side are you on?” and has garnered over 132 million views

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