Regrettably, Cropper passed away six years later, having lived a fulfilling life under Trowler’s care. The deep connection between the fox and his owner was evident, with Trowler meaning as much to Cropper as Cropper meant to him.

Following Cropper’s passing, Trowler extended his compassion to baby foxes in need of care before their release into the wild. He also welcomed another mature fox into his home, eventually adopting him and naming him Jack.

In a heartwarming video capturing moments between Trowler and Jack, the elderly owner dispelled common misconceptions about foxes often perceived as vermin.

“(Foxes) have the nicest nature of any animal I have ever met. They are considerate, helpful, particularly towards young foxes – any adult fox will look after any youngster regardless of relationship. They don’t have to be their own children,” he explained.

Despite Jack being a wild animal, his behavior was far from wild. The lively footage showcased Jack playing ball with Trowler like an energetic puppy and later snuggling up in his arms while watching television. As Jack grew weary, he peacefully drifted off to sleep in Trowler’s embrace.

Addressing the common perception of foxes being pungent, Trowler bathed Jack in the video to prevent any unpleasant odors in the house. Remarkably, Jack remained calm throughout the bath and subsequent drying with a hairdryer

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