Nevertheless, their romantic journey didn’t progress initially, as Carol opted for someone else. However, by that Christmas, Bernard was surprised to receive a card from her, complete with her phone number, revealing that she was single again. Subsequently, Bernard and Carol began a flurry of calls and texts, with him making visits to her house for dates. Their relationship flourished, proving that love can triumph over age, distance, and circumstances.

“I fell in love with her right from the start,” Bernard confessed. “We attended church together, started sharing everything, and I loved every moment of it, and I think she did too.”

In August 2008, they decided to tie the knot, forming a blended family with seven kids and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Their recent airport separation marked the first time they had been apart since their marriage. Carol spent two weeks on the East Coast for a family wedding, as reported by Inside Edition.

When Bernard finally laid eyes on his wife after the brief separation, tears of joy welled up in his eyes. Despite the bustling airport crowd, the couple shared a tender kiss. Bernard then presented Carol with a bouquet of flowers and a card, sealing the emotional reunion with another heartfelt kiss. Though the entire encounter lasted just 30 seconds, it encapsulated a lifetime of love and devotion.

Bernard, astonished by the video’s over 60 million combined views on various social media platforms, couldn’t believe the viral sensation. Meanwhile, Carol had to turn to Bernard’s daughter for an explanation of what “viral” meant

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