When our life path ends in hospital it can break our hearts. In particular, elderly people are often left alone in the hospital and await their death there.

But in a hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, they have a nurse who is the true angel of patients.

Brenda Burstra is the nurse who always does her best to make it easier for her patients to say goodbye for the last time. She does not hesitate to sit with her patients even after work, and there she sings with them the songs they want to hear and sing.

One of these scenes was filmed by the family of Robert Olson, 85, as he waits for his end in the hospital.

Brenda was sitting by her bed and then she sang with him her favorite song “You Light Up My Life”.

When you see this wonderful scene captured by Robert’s family in front of the camera, you will be delighted with the work of this wonderful nurse!

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