A YouTube video shot back in 2018 has gone recently viral. The video shows Eleonora Arkadyevna Breslav giving passers-by an incredible promptu piano performance.  The old lady asked the street musician to borrow his piano for a few minutes and surprised everyone with a beautiful rendition of Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 by Franz Liszt

If you were one of the participants on something that happened on a busy Russian street, you would have been a glad observer. An old lady passing by with her friends amazed people on the street as she sat behind the piano. She played a perfect impromptu piano recital and left the crowd speechless as they did not expect it from her.

The reason for the amazement of the crowd was the gray-haired woman’s master class performance. Even though the instrument was a worn-out piano that was slightly out of tune, she still managed to bring out a professional sound out of it.

The whole time the lady was smiling showing just how much she enjoyed playing this instrument.

The only thing that showed off the true condition of the piano was the squeaking when the pedal was pressed. A little oiling would have eliminated that problem. The keys were slightly out of tune as well. Nonetheless, the unexpected pianist was skillful enough to create a masterpiece with whatever she had at her hands.

Despite her age, the old woman showed that she can manage something that requires sharpness and swiftness. She played in a skillful way from the beginning to the end.

Nobody knew who she was, but they were sure that she was and still is a world-class musician. It was hard to miss her performance as she was sitting with her small body on the piano chair

Everyone was happy for the coincidence of the piano and her passing by. They got to hear this talented woman play that would have otherwise been passed unnoticed on the streets.

When the performance ended, she got up slowly and slowly walked away with her friends as the crowd was cheering her and applauding her.

What do you think of the old lady’s performance? Do you think she was a professional musician once? Let us know your thoughts and be sure to pass this on to other music

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