The video commences with a captivating scene of a herd of elephants gracefully traversing the park grounds with a sense of purpose and excitement. Their eagerness to welcome the new addition is palpable.

In a separate enclosure, the adorable Dok Gaew is taking in his fresh surroundings, where he will be staying temporarily.

The older elephants waste no time and head straight to the enclosure to give the baby elephant a heartwarming reception. Their genuine curiosity and desire to make him feel like a part of their family are heartwarming.

From inside the enclosure, the camera captures the touching moment as the elder elephants encircle the new arrival, using their trunks to greet him affectionately through the slats.

Dok Gaew is fortunate to be surrounded by these compassionate elephants who will nurture and guide him in his journey. Witnessing their caring behavior reminds us of the valuable lessons elephants can teach humans about coexistence, empathy, and friendship.

Known as the “gentle giants,” elephants are renowned for their herbivorous nature and their reluctance to harm other animals. Their matriarchal society, with females leading the herd, is a fascinating aspect of their behavior.

Despite their immense physical strength, elephants exude a calm and serene demeanor. They are sociable creatures that peacefully coexist with humans and other species, unless provoked

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