The female moose, estimated to weigh between 700 and 800 pounds, found her way into the Koch family’s pool, showcasing her playful nature. Despite appearing to enjoy herself without any signs of distress, the Kochs recognized that a swimming pool was not an appropriate habitat for this magnificent creature. Consequently, they promptly contacted the appropriate authorities, which in this case was the Ministry of Natural Resources.

In due course, the agile moose found her own path to exit the pool. The Kochs observed her gracefully leaping over their fence and venturing into their neighbor’s yard. From there, she effortlessly cleared another fence, continuing her journey away from the residential area.

Everyone involved expressed gratitude that the moose emerged from the encounter unharmed. There was a sense of relief, considering the potential risks, such as the possibility of the moose inadvertently landing in another pool while navigating the fences. Ultimately, it became a delightful adventure for all participants. The moose exhibited a serene demeanor throughout her morning swim, and both the animal and the surrounding properties remained unscathed. Thus, this incident stands as a lighthearted tale of enjoyment and appreciation

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