Expressing his hurt over family dynamics, Baerten shared with the New York Post, “What I see in my family often hurts me. I never get invited to anything. Nobody sees me. We all grew apart. I felt unappreciated.”

Motivated by a desire to impart a life lesson, Baerten aimed to demonstrate that waiting until someone’s demise to reconnect is a regrettable choice.

Upon his surprising return from the apparent dead at his own funeral, reactions varied among attendees. Some eagerly embraced Baerten, relieved and overjoyed by the unexpected turn of events, while others were left bewildered and unsure how to respond.

Reflecting on the outcome, Baerten noted that only half of his family members attended, reinforcing his feelings of neglect. Despite this, he acknowledged that some loved ones have since reached out, demonstrating genuine care.

The TikTok star’s unconventional stunt has sparked a debate online, with opinions divided on the ethics and emotional impact of such a prank. Critics argue that playing with emotions in this manner is cruel and could strain relationships further. On the other hand, supporters view it as an attention-grabbing lesson on the importance of staying connected and appreciating loved ones while they are still alive.

Commenters on TikTok expressed various views, with some criticizing the stunt as pathetic and stating they would not engage with him again. Others highlighted the emotional toll such a prank could take on a family and questioned Baerten’s ego for pulling it off

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