Cody Wells was just 23 years old when he lost control of the car and went off the road one night in Alabama. His car crashed into a tree and he was killed instantly.

But his girlfriend Danielle survived along with their two-year-old son, although Cody’s death has hit them hard. The little boy didn’t understand why his father was leaving and she forced Danielle to raise their child alone.

The two visited Cody’s grave every day around noon, but eight months after his death, they found a mysterious gift in the grave of the person they were mourning. The story behind it is really painful.

It was Christmas Eve, Braxton’s first birthday, the child without a father. When the little boy saw the box, which looked like a present, he joyfully ran to the grave: “He thought Daddy flew from Heaven and brought him a present to surprise him,” Danielle told VHNT News .

The package contained toys for Braxton, the child was so happy that he started playing with them right away. Danielle would have given anything for this gift from Cody, but she knew it was impossible.

It wasn’t long before she learned that a friend of her family had put the box in it, the same man who carved Cody’s tombstones. This is what the young mother said: “It is very special for me to know that there are also good people in this world who want to do beautiful things for other people. Braxton hadn’t been so happy in a long time. It meant everything to me just to see him smile. “

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