The enchanting story begins with Sophia, the youngest at six years old, gracefully stepping onto the stage. As the melodious notes of Steven Curtis’ “Cinderella” fill the air, a poignant verse echoes, “…it’s been a long day and there’s still work to do, she’s pulling at me saying, ‘Daddy, I need you.'”

Moved by his daughter’s request, Russ abandons his current tasks and joins Sophia in a dance, practicing for an upcoming performance. Their bond is a sight to behold as he twirls and lifts her, creating a mesmerizing father-daughter routine that tugs at the heartstrings.

Next, Brianna, aged 12, takes her turn on stage, seeking her father’s guidance to learn a dance for prom night. Russ, the epitome of a loving father, wholeheartedly steps up to the task. He patiently teaches her the intricate steps, and as they sway together, Brianna’s radiant smile illuminates the stage.

As Brianna exits, the spotlight shifts to Sioned, the eldest sister at 20 years old. Adorned in a ballerina dress resembling her younger sisters’, she too calls upon her father for support in practicing a dance for her upcoming wedding. Despite having found her own “knight in shining armor,” Sioned yearns for one last dance with her dad

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