Dating has changed significantly in recent years due to the advent of the internet and dating apps. While online dating makes it easier to connect with people, it also opens the door to a whole new world of potential problems.

For example, people can lie on their profiles, post misleading photos, or pretend to be someone they’re not.

This is exactly what happened to Jocelyn, a woman who recently used the dating app Bumble. She matched with a man named Myles and they hit it off, exchanging messages and phone numbers.

However, as soon as Jocelyn received a text from Myles, she noticed that it was green instead of blue, which is what she was used to seeing on her iPhone. This was because Myles didn’t have an iPhone, but she had already noticed in one of his photos that he was wearing an Apple watch, which can only be used with an iPhone 6s or later.

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Jocelyn became suspicious and decided to do a Google image search to see if the photos were indeed of Myles. She discovered that they were not, and that he had been using someone else’s photos on his profile. Bumble removed Myles’ account as soon as they were made aware of the situation.

Jocelyn’s story highlights the importance of being vigilant when using dating apps. While it may seem like you know someone well after chatting with them for a few days, it’s important to remember that anything could be possible until you meet them in person.

In conclusion, while dating apps are convenient and have made it easier for people to connect, it’s crucial to be careful and always trust your instincts when using them. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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