Following his departure from the classroom, Kavanaugh has transitioned into his new persona: Dr. K. Boogie Woogie, an online sensation on YouTube. Commencing each video with the query, “Are you familiar with boogie-woogie?” he breathes life into various public pianos, infusing his preferred musical genre with lively fervor.

Captivating and surprising crowds remains a core joy for Kavanaugh despite the strong viewership of his YouTube channel. Enthralling audiences of all ages and backgrounds, he seizes the opportunity to deliver spontaneous performances on public pianos. For Kavanaugh, the heart of his craft lies wherever the infectious boogie-woogie rhythm converges with the urban streets.

In a recent impromptu jam session within a subway station, Dr. K. Boogie Woogie captivated onlookers by recruiting three other skilled musicians to join him. Representing four different generations, these men serenaded subway commuters with the dynamic and passionate strains of boogie-woogie. At one point, an exuberant preschooler joyfully danced with his mother until she reluctantly pulled him away to catch their train

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