It is no secret that road rage is on the rise these days. As drivers get increasingly impatient to reach their final destination, these instances are becoming more widespread. A recent road rage incident captured on a dash cam raises the question of how far is too far?

The event took place in Tacoma, Washington. A Dodge pickup truck was attempting to merge into the right lane of traffic. However, a red Corvette was just not having it. Instead of giving the truck driver space to get over into the intended lane, the Corvette rolled down the window and flipped off the Dodge.

This clearly did not make the Dodge driver happy and he took the perfect opportunity to teach the Corvette driver a lesson about being polite on the road. Lucky for all of us viewers at home, a dashboard-mounted camera happened to catch the whole thing on video

After he was rudely given the finger, the Dodge driver carefully positioned himself at the right angle to get revenge. Just as the Corvette came into the right place, the Dodge revved its engine, delivering a cloud of gray tailpipe smoke right into the Corvette’s window and into the driver’s face.

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