Upon sitting on the ottoman for the first time, Kirby’s daughter immediately noticed its uncomfortable hardness, prompting her to investigate the upholstery, which could be unzipped. To her surprise, instead of finding crackers, she discovered stacks of money amounting to $43,170 hidden in the cushions of the old used couch.

Faced with this unexpected windfall, the Kirby family pondered the question of what to do with the discovered fortune. This was a scenario Kirby had previously contemplated hypothetically, wondering about his own response to such temptation. Ultimately, he chose to follow his moral compass.

Although legally he had no obligation to return the money, Kirby sought the counsel of a lawyer to confirm this. However, the moral dilemma weighed on him, and he felt compelled to do what he believed was right. Despite legal entitlement, Kirby embarked on a mission to identify the original owner of the couch, discovering that it once belonged to Kim Fauth-Newberry’s late grandfather. She had donated the couch without knowing about the hidden money, as she lacked space for it in her home.

Kirby’s decision to return the money was captured in a video showcasing Newberry’s emotional reaction. The store manager, Rick Merling, expressed shock and admiration at Kirby’s actions. Despite the opportunity to use the money for personal gain, Kirby prioritized his moral principles over his own needs, demonstrating a commendable commitment to doing the right thing

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