It first sparked his interest when he found old writings and drawings on a wall that had been covered for decades.
He peeled off the wall to find a dusty antique green lunch box hidden inside the ceiling behind the wall. He and his wife immediately came out to open the small metal lunch box. The two carefully opened the box, expecting to find children’s toys or trinkets.

What they found was an incredible surprise. Inside the lunch box was an old newspaper dated March 25, 1951. The newspaper was still in very good condition.

What was under the newspaper was almost unbelievable! The couple found several packets of waxed paper filled with money, mostly twenty dollar bills.

The couple immediately began taking pictures. They opened the second packet of wax to find it was filled with $50 coins. Finally, when they opened the third package, they found it filled with hundreds of dollars!

All the bills are dated between 1928 and 1934. The couple had worked hard to pay off their mortgage and couldn’t believe this incredible turn of events. After the ceremony, the owner returned a week later to continue the renovation and was surprised to come across a second lunch box.

This box was full of twenty dollars that had been disassembled and precisely aligned. After all, said and done, the couple found $45,000. A lawyer confirmed that the money belonged to them. In fact, some bills were worth around four times their original face value. Talk about a lucky lunch box!

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