You have to watch to see the crazy singing skills of the teenager, he baffled everyone, including the chill Simon Cowell!

When Kourtney stepped onto the big stage for competition, she was apparently very nervous. After all, she only has a minute and a half in front of a large audience and a strict jury to prove her talent and qualify for the next stage of the competition.

One of the judges comforted her with words of encouragement and put her where she would be ready to give her best performance.

Judge Mel B said, “It’s okay to be nervous. It’s totally understandable.” Then she continued, “Listen, don’t be nervous. I know it’s a big scene and there are a lot of people here, but you’re here for a reason, go ahead and good luck.”

And that’s what Kourtney did, she did it so crazy! It was as if she only needed those few words. Moments later, she was giving a crazy performance of The Black Crowes’ song “Hard to Handle,” and to say the judges and audience were stunned is a relatively understatement. Charisma, talent, confidence… the voice!

At the end of the test, the four judges stood on their feet and gave a standing ovation to the British girl. The audience was overjoyed and screamed and shrieked on their feet for several minutes before the judges were allowed to speak.

Simon Cowell said to the girl, “You’re like a lion, you’re not from this age, you’re from a whole other era.”

In fact, Mandel was so impressed that he drew comparisons between Kourtney and Janis Joplin, one of the biggest stars of the 1960s, and then bowed and rang the golden bell.

Kourtney covered her eyes in disbelief as golden confetti floated from the ceiling.

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