Security cameras at a goldsmith in Texas captured a touching scene that quickly went around the world telling many people that we shouldn’t be judged by our customs, religious convictions or the color of our skin

On that day, Syrian refugee Noah was doing his work in the crafting shop, when the mother and her children entered the shop. She asked Noah to value her ring, which her mother had given her as a gift, but she badly needed the money to pay the costs.

What the seller did a few minutes later, he moved the mother from Texas to tears, and the video was a huge hit on the Internet because of his act.

He did not want to buy her ring, because he thought that mother’s gifts could not be sold. Instead of ransom for the ring, Noah reached into his pocket, counted some banknotes, and then handed the money to the mother. At first I thought the seller offered that amount of money for the ring, but it wasn’t the case.

A few seconds later, the Syrian seller also returned the ring to her, then told her that she could always call him if she needed help.

The video is just another proof that good people can be found everywhere no matter where they come from!

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