Together, the pair throws all inhibitions aside and lets loose with their dancing, but they become a bit bashful when they realize they are being filmed. Bailey, the Beagle, is particularly camera shy, hesitating to continue her dance moves once she becomes aware of the recording.

Fortunately, Wendy, the loving owner, gently encourages Bailey to overcome her stage fright and embrace the music once again. With a little coaxing, Bailey finds herself in perfect sync with the beat, captivating the crowd who can’t help but cheer, “Go Bailey! Go Bailey!”

Dancing seems to be a regular exercise activity in the household, with Bailey engaging in her dance routines around twice a week. Although she enjoys dancing alone to the music, when she gets a few people involved, Bailey’s groove lasts longer, and she becomes more willing to dance frequently.

Bailey’s charm and adorability while dancing are simply irresistible, making it hard for the family not to request encore performances daily!

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